Chase Elliott wishes NASCAR chute coverage; Clint Bowyer Wishes Contingency

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Now that Chase is out on account of that arduous hit in a snowbank at Elliott Smartly, is NASCAR bearing in mind putting in SAFER limitations at the Colorado slopes and different main accommodations for the 2024 NASCAR season?

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I really like the speculation and I am certain the fellows in R&D are sledge-testing some snowboards as we talk. From what I take note in their Central Carolina environs, they are most probably busting purple clay banks for white stuff.

However here is the underlying factor. We do not understand how Chase broke his tibia, and now we pause for a temporary anatomy lesson for the ones of you who forgot 5th grade…

Chase leans against Elliot no.  The 9 Chevrolet waits for the start of Daytona 500 qualifying, Wednesday February 15, 2023.

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The tibia is the principle shin bone, which you spoil when strolling in the back of a truck, fail to remember you have not got rid of the trailer hitch (for the vertical problem, you might be hitting your patella, which feels like a pasta dish however Maximum undoubtedly do not).

the place had been we Oh, shin bones.

The easy glide of the Vail Ski Lift belies the potential hazards below.

The tibia’s cousin, the fibula, is the narrower bone within the decrease leg that ends at your ankle. It’s secure via the flesh of your calf, whilst the tibia is out of threat.

His grandpa femur is the massive ol’ hoss up most sensible – the thigh bone. That is Invoice Elliott, Billy Clyde’s father, who used to be killed in a horrific crash at Talladega in 1996.