The Stephenville guy says he’s being thought to be for the Nobel Prize in Physics for an cutting edge water machine.

Philip Alford stands subsequent to RPG Water Catalyst inside of his store in his Stephenville house.

through Sarah Vanden Berg

Philip Alford continues to quietly create aqueous methods inside of his store in his Stephenville house whilst well-known scientists from world wide analysis the machine that would earn him the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Closing fall, Philip discovered he was once being thought to be for his award RPG (superb) water catalyst It was once at first evolved to scrub the surroundings.

That plan started to switch about 10 years in the past when a chain of what he and his spouse Glenda name “flukes” led the couple to Idaho the place they met Dr. Robert Haralek.

“Dr. Haralick has evolved facial reputation tool for computer systems, however his primary passion has all the time been water,” mentioned Glenda Alford beneath Floor Information All over an interview on the couple’s house. “When he noticed what Philip was once doing with the water, he ordered a machine for his space.”

As of late, Dr. Haralik calls Philip’s water a “drugs” as a result of its therapeutic houses.

In October 2022, Dr. Haralik provides a presentation at the RPG Water Catalyst on the International Water Congress in Germany, and later tells Philip that it might win him a nomination for the celebrated award.

“I am excited that it is come this some distance and that they are in spite of everything paying consideration,” Philip mentioned.

(If he’s formally nominated, he may not be informed forward of time for the reason that nominees are stored beneath wraps till they’re printed.)

“Some other folks assume that every one sicknesses are brought about through dehydration as a result of in case your cells aren’t hydrated, they can not do their jobs, and for this reason (scientists) are so on this water,” Philip mentioned.

Philip water is understood for its moisturizing houses.

All over the interview, I splashed water on my hand, after which right away wiped it with a tissue. There was once an instantaneous and wonderful distinction within the smoothness of my pores and skin.

Different testimonials from shoppers the use of the machine say that their cataracts disappeared after water was once sprayed into their eyes over a time frame.

Others say they have got skilled reduction from psoriasis, eczema, insect bites, and burns.

Dr. Gerald Pollack, writer of Section 4 Water, describes it as “extremely structured water” and “clinical grade.”

All over an experiment in his lab the place plant cells have been noticed beneath a microscope, Dr. Pollack came upon that it takes faucet water 8 hours to cross into plant cells and simply 8 seconds for Philip’s water to do the similar.

A laboratory in Italy when put next it to the “therapeutic waters of Lourdes” in France.

From a tender age

Philip’s passion in water evolved at an early age.

“When I used to be in diapers, we had a large round tank in the course of the pasture,” he mentioned. “I had a loose reign to discover and spotted that natural world would move to a definite space of ​​the reservoir to drink water.

“It took about 50 years to determine why they did it.”

Philip came upon that livestock all the time drink in opposition to the present wind.

“Anyplace the present winds come, the water is clean,” he mentioned. “The little ripples at the different aspect create a transformation within the water that the livestock can odor.”

Whilst finding out animal tracks on Google Earth, he discovered that livestock are drawn to water with some type of motion.

“The motion reasons a transformation within the water that the animals move after,” he mentioned.

With that a lot wisdom, Philip got down to fine-tune the RPG for human intake.

The trail to discovery

Philip opened Alford Water Conditioning in Stephenville in 1984, then bought it in 2004.

“I in reality deliberate to fail to remember the water, however I could not,” he joked. “It is going to now not disappear.”

Quickly after promoting the corporate, Philip had a center assault and started searching for tactics to clear out the water with out the use of salt or chemical substances.

I used to be already running on a filtration machine to scrub up the surroundings, and really early within the adventure we discovered a option to seize and include the whole thing we filtered from the water through recycling it.”

It was once this discovery that resulted in lately’s RPG Water Catalyst.

the wait

Philip may just know if he is been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Physics as early as December when the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences meets in Stockholm, Sweden.

“This can be a entire new science,” Philip mentioned of his machine. “They mentioned I came upon a legislation of physics that nobody knew about. Scientists are looking for my water and dealing to verify the effects.

“I am not doing this for the Nobel Prize, I am doing it for the folks I will assist.”

In truth, Philip was once presented $110 million in 2008 through an organization that sought after to shop for a patent for offshore drilling, however he grew to become down the be offering as a result of he did not wish to prohibit the machine’s achieve.

As of late, Philip sells RPG Water Catalyst methods to houses and companies world wide for $4,000 to $5,750.

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